About Me

I’m Noveen and welcome to A Big Fat Yum! I’ve started this blog to share all my tried and tested recipes with the world! My mom is a self-taught cook par excellence, and although I CAN NEVER COMPETE WITH HER, i’M TRYING TO MAKE MY WAY UP BY PRACTICE AND A WHOLE LOT OF PATIENCE!

I have a large family, all of whom I completely adore and love cooking for. I feel that if your food is loved and praised – it just pushes you to become better. Over the years, I’ve definitely become more passionate and more involved about the food I make and the ingredients I use. Being a working mother, its hard to innovate and bring new flavors to the table, but I’ve tried safe experimenting which will even work for complete newbies to the kitchen! 
Most of the recipes found here focus on quick and easy meals for the everyday home cook. The ingredients I use are usually easily available, so I promise that the recipes I share will be very easy to throw together!


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