I’ve been meaning to try these since months since they were all over the internets. And I’m so happy they turned out exactly the way I hoped they would. I even got a fancy plate and cupcake liners to make them pretty for the photos! These are really easy to whip up with only four ingredients!

The result? Smooth rich intense dark balls of candy-like fudgy chocolate. Heavy so you can’t have more than one but that’s good because it’ll stop you binging on dessert and feeling guilty later! You can just tell yourself – oh but I just had ONE. hehehhee. 😉 it kinda works…almost. But hey, they are quite small and indulgent and I think I’ll make them again and again because you can stop at one portion!


  • 1 x 395 can of condensed milk
  • 4 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp unsalted butter + some extra for greasing hands and plate
  • Coating: you can choose between chocolate sprinkles, dessicated coconut or plain old cocoa. I used cocoa and coconut.


Plonk the condensed milk in a deep nonstick pan. The best way to make this is using a silicon spatula, it gets all the mix out from all the tiny annoying crevices. Slam the butter and the cocoa powder all in. No wait. Don’t slam the cocoa powder unless you want to snort it for the next twenty minutes – just be gentle with it. eh.

FOODGOOD 001_Fotor

FOODGOOD 008_Fotor


Mix well and stir over medium heat until the mix reaches a fudge consistency and you start having some trouble with mixing. Also, the base of the pan will now start to show as you mix.

That’s your cue to take this off the heat.

Oil a plate and transfer the mix onto it and spread around till you’re happy its even. No chuck it in the fridge and forget about it for two hours.

After 2 hours or so, bring out the plate and grease your hands as well. Start by scooping out same sized bits of the fudge and shape them into balls. Coat them with desiccated coconut, chocolate sprinkles or cocoa and sit them pretty on a fancy plate. To be even more fancy, use small sized patty liners as cups for the balls. (I want to avoid calling them balls, but hey, that is what they are now)

Your balls..err.. Brigadeiros are ready!

FOODGOOD 013_Fotor

FOODGOOD 024_Fotorw

Perfect with your morning or evening cuppa!


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